We recommended 2 people to complete an install to achieve the best result.



  1. Getting Started with MyCustomWall



Do NOT apply to freshly painted walls, for best result wait 7 days after painting is completed.


  1. Peel away



We recommend you start from the left side and ensure this panel is attached correctly as this will set the bases for your wall. Use your install helper to ensure print is positioned correctly, before peeling the backing paper off.


  1. Applying MyCustomWall



  1. Sheet 1



  1. Removal of backing paper



If bubbles are not rubbing out simply detach the print from the wall to where the bubbles have appeared and re-apply to the wall using your hands or applicator to smooth them over.

Do not use unnecessary force as this may damage or stretch the print.


  1. Additional Sheets



  1. Clean up




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