White marble tile feature backround

white marble tile feature background

Transport yourself to the hammams of Morocco with this white marble tile feature background.

For a home that whispers elegance at every corner, it’s hard to go wrong with marble. Call to mind the exotic Middle East with this white marble tile feature background – think steaming hammams, bright spices, and beautiful gold accents for every room. This white marble tile background would be the perfect way to add some exotic elegance to your bathroom or kitchen.

Whether your decor calls to mind bright market spices or cool Mediterranean seas, this white marble tile background will elevate any room to the next level. White marble with small black veins creates a cool grey counterpoint to any brightly coloured room, or ties together neutral greys and beiges perfectly.

Add some casual elegance to any room with this white marble tile feature background.

With MyCustomWall’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly wall decal material we can cover any wall area with ease, without damaging the wall underneath. Our wall mural material can be printed to fill any space, with larger murals printed on multiple sheets. Concerned about a protruding powerpoint or heater vent? No worries – the material can easily be cut to suit any requirements. Just cut out the shape as you apply your decal and it will blend seamlessly. Got questions or concerns? Contact us today to put them all to rest.

Once you’ve made your decision, place your order through the website, or by calling us directly if you prefer to deal over the phone. With MyCustomWall’s non-toxic, easy-to-apply wall decals, your home will be brighter in no time!

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